Jeff Frazell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jeff Frazell Photography (Jeff Frazell Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:29:00 GMT Jeff Frazell Photography: Blog 120 80 Halstead Vs Nickerson Football 2019 Slideshow Hello blog followers. this slideshow is from the Halstead Vs Nickerson Football Game Season opener. Link provided will take you to the purchase gallery where you may review the files individually. thanks for stopping by.

                                      Halstead Vs Nickerson Football Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Dragons football Friday Night Lights Halstead high School Nickerson Panthers Sat, 07 Sep 2019 07:00:39 GMT
Burrton Volleyball Tri 2019 Welcome to the Burrton Tri Volleyball slide show. Teams were St. John, Burrton and Halstead one Jv Match between Burrton and Halstead also included. 

                                   Burrton Tri Volleyball Gallery  

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Burrton Burrton Tri Chargers Dragons. Halstead High School Volleyball Saint John Wed, 04 Sep 2019 05:33:15 GMT
CKL Volleyball Preseason Tourney @ Hesston  

Hello Followers, this slideshow is from the CKL Preseason Volleyball Tourney @ Hesston 8/31/2019. Photos from Haven vs Pratt, Smoky Valley Vs Pratt, and Halstead Vs Haven. Gallery Link provided Below. 

                                     CKL League Preseason Tourney Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Halstead Haven High School Pratt Smoky Valley Tourney Volleyball Sat, 31 Aug 2019 22:21:24 GMT
Halstead Football Showcase 8_30_19 Slideshow  

Welcome to Jeff Frazell Photography's Blog, This is the format I will be publishing my sports photos from the Traditional High School Sports I cover. While you are here you may watch the Slideshow which is a mix up of the Files in the Gallery I have posted the Photos too. I will always provide a link for you to click on so you may go directly to the Gallery holding the files of the current page slideshow. If you prefer to view the files individually click on the provided link to the gallery and you can view the photos at your own pace. Note all sales of my photos would come from the individual galleries I have on this website. If you are needing something special produced or something you would like me to try and catch for you through out any of the seasons please feel free to drop me a note either from this website or from my yahoo business page. I currently am doing photography full time and should be able to cover more of the High school sports than I have in the past two years. I know not all photos are ones that people want to purchase but I do ask that you at least support my request to purchase when possible. I have always felt that if it is good enough to share it is good enough for purchase. Thank you for your time and understanding. This is my craft and my lively hood so please respect copyright and do what you should. Jeff

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(Jeff Frazell Photography) Conway Springs Dragons Football Garden Plain Halstead Hesston High School Scrimmage Swathers Sat, 31 Aug 2019 04:23:15 GMT
Tabor Vs KWU Volleyball Welcome to the Blog. This slideshow is from the Tabor Vs KWU Volleyball match 8/28/19. Watch the slideshow or if you would prefer to view the files individually you may click on the link which will take you to the Gallery of files from the slideshow. thank you for visiting Jeff Frazell Photography

                  Tabor vs KWU Volleyball Gallery Link  

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Jays Kansas Wesleyan University KWU Sport Tabor College TC Volleyball Yotes Thu, 29 Aug 2019 04:36:18 GMT
KHSRA High School Barrel Racing Canton 2019 welcome to the show. slideshow from Canton Saturday High School Girls Barrel Race Slideshow. 

                                                 High School Barrel Race Canton 2019

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Barrel Racing Canton KHSRA Rodeo Tom Miller Arena Thu, 22 Aug 2019 18:52:22 GMT
Beat the Heat Make up event 8_16_2019 Thank you all for making it into my blog once again. This is a slideshow of a Make up from the Beat the Heat Barrel Series. You may watch the slideshow or click on the provided link to go directly to the gallery of prints. Hope you all have enjoyed my coverage of the Beat the Heat Series. 


                                        Beat the Heat Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Barrel Racing Beat the Heat NSC Rodeo Slideshow Wed, 21 Aug 2019 20:59:53 GMT
KHSRA / KJHSRA Download special explanation letter Hello KHSRA / KJHSRA Members Welcome to my blog.

   I am going to try and explain in a bit more detail my Season download special. I will try to show the value in this offer comparing cost between several other purchase option. I in no way want to force anyone into purchasing anything they do not actually want. The Association’s have hired me to shoot photos of the athletes, these are not so much for the association as they are for you. There are certain photos that the association needs like team photos, event athletes, awards photos, special team photo etc... They use many of these photos for the calendar and for the website to promote our associations. The rest of the photos are for the families and the athletes.

   I am currently offering and have offered to everyone for the past three years a download special. This special is for each season and on a per family purchase. Currently the download special is $300.00 but will go up to $400.00 following the Phillipsburg Rodeo this next weekend. With this offer you may download every file of your athlete in digital format. These digital files are what many are turning to for keepsake and sharing through multiple media outlets or even through email. I know that not all photos are always wanted by everyone but with this offer there would be no reason to not download every shot of your athlete. My shooting style is more of a movie style where if you were to add all the files from a run would be very similar to that of the old corner flip books, we all have seen in years past.

   $300.00 dollars is a lot of money, and how do I know it is a value to even be considered. Let me try and break it down just a bit. I have had sales from several purchasing digital files or prints from me, sometimes it is a single digital file and other times it is multiple prints of various sizes. I have had several from the association who have purchased the download special each year. They have taken those files and built books to be printed for keepsakes and sharable books to have documenting their child’s rodeo career’s. I am sure if you spoke to them, they could give you some feedback as to the value they have received from the special. I will bullet point a few of the comparisons for some of the more common purchase’s and the equivalent cost between the special and actual product.

  • Single digital file $25.00 … 12 X $25 = 300.00
  • 4X6 PRINT 4.95 …….             60 x $4.95 = 300.00
  • 8x10 print $12.95….             23 x $12.95 = 300.00

   Noting with the 4x6 and 8x10 prints I have seen these sizes being offered at Walgreens Walmart and several other web-based sites selling you those sizes for pennies on the dollar. I understand I am a business and should keep those profits for me. But I want to allow you the chance to have a record of memories of your athletes. The release for this special is for personal use which consists to virtually any purpose you may need other than from generating profit from the files. These files can be used to products, coffee table books, prints, posters, school projects or to share on yours or your athletes social media pages. If you were to use them for profit use we would need to re evaluate the files use and it may require the commercial use release file. Most of the uses would be covered again in the personal use release file.

   You might ask. How many files will I get over a season? I do not believe that I have produced a download file for any of the ones who have purchased this from me which contained less than 250 individual files comparing value would be 250 x 25.00 = $6250.00 had they been purchased as individual files, or 4x6 prints 250 x 4.95 = $1237.50. Here is an average list of photos taken per event and run

  • Barrel racing 8-12 files per run
  • Goat tying 6-10 files per run
  • Pole Bending 8-10 files per run
  • Breakaway 4-12 files per run
  • Sponsor flags 1-2 of each flag
  • Bull riding 12-20 files per run
  • Bareback 12-20 files per run
  • Saddle bronc 12-20 files per run
  • Tie down 4-12 files per run
  • Team Roping 4-12 Files per run
  • Ribbon roping 4-10 files per run
  • Steer wrestling 4-10 files per run
  • Along with the many extra shots taken through the events and team shots and awards ect.

Again, I am not forcing nor will I force anyone to purchase a print, file or any products from me. I just need to make sure you are informed so you may make those decisions on your own as to what you want out of my services.

  How I am doing the download special is once you have purchase the special I will send you a password, so you can go to the galleries of the events and you may directly download the files of your athlete you desire whether its is one or all of the files of your athlete’s from each event. This covers the full season fall and spring rodeos including finals.  You may save those files to your desired location on your computer. Once you have those files downloaded you can decide to keep them as a digital file for future use or have them printed as individuals or make coffee table books or have a canvas made of a file if desired.

   I have developed this special for my KHSRA and KJHSRA families, I do have several of my traditional sports families who also purchase the special also.

   I know this is short notice for the Jr high families and if this interests you just let me know and I will make arrangements to get you covered. Payments can be made to me through PayPal either by invoice I can send you or just by sending money to me at [email protected] which is my PayPal acct. You may also pay me by check, or I can process credit cards also. Please if you have any questions give me a shout, drop me a message or come over and chat with me a bit. I am at these events for you and your athletes. I totally enjoy everyone involved with this association and love to have a bit of banter between myself and your athletes, okay and even you parents. I work for you so if you have requests please let me know and if I can provide your request, I will do everything in my power to complete your requests.

   I will also allow you to purchase previous years for the download special if you had not heard about this before now. for past years the cost per season would be $300.00@ season. 


                  KHSRA / KJHSRA Galleries

this gallery currently contains 153,250 Digital Files Covering the past four years of rodeo


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CPRA NSC Harvey Co Fair Rodeo Friday Slideshow   Hello blog readers. This past friday I was able to photography the CPRA Rodeo at the Harvey Co Fair, This is the slideshow of the event and a link to the individual file gallery. Thank you for visiting and viewing the Slideshow and checking out my website.                          


                     Harvey Co Fair NSC CPRA Rodeo Slideshow


(Jeff Frazell Photography) Barrel Racing CPRA Harvey Co Fair Newton NSC Rodeo Slideshow Wed, 07 Aug 2019 20:40:50 GMT
CKYRA Slideshow from 8/4/19 weekend  



Hello Thanks for Viewing my Blog. This is a slideshow from the CKYRA Rodeo association from their event held in Canton KS this past weekend. I needed to shoot a little on my new camera body to see how everything functions. Hope you enjoy the show and I was very pleased with how my new camera shot. We are also T-minus a week and a half from the KHSRA Kick of event @ Canton. would love to see everyone out to watch some great kids show you their passions in rodeo.

                     CKYRA 8/4/19 Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Canton CKYRA Header open arena Rodeo Slideshow Tom Miller Arena Wed, 07 Aug 2019 00:58:02 GMT
Harvey Co Fair CPRA Rodeo Saturday NSC Slide Show  


Hello Rodeo Fans and Everyone else who follows my blog. This slide show if of the CPRA Harvey Co Fair Saturday Rodeo. Thank you for viewing and checking out my website. I have worked the edits in reverse so the Friday show will come as soon as I have completed the edits on that show. if you would care to view the files individually please follow the link provided to see these photos in their gallery and you may also make your purchases from the same page. Thank you Jeff


                   HCF CPRA Saturday Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Bareback Barrel Racing Bull Riding Harvey co Fair NSC Rodeo Saddle Bronc Steer Wrestling Team Roping Tie Down Tue, 06 Aug 2019 04:03:37 GMT
Customer Service Hello All, 

It has been a few days since I have been on my blog so figured it was time to get a new story going. This Post will be mainly about customer service or customer experience. I value my customers very much and often bend over backwards to satisfy my customers. Sometimes I even try to satisfy things I can not control. I want my customers to be happy and want them to return to me for services and products. Thus brings us to the question what is customer service?

"the part of an organization that answers customers' questions, exchanges goods that are not satisfactory, ect. the fact of treating customers in a polite and helpful way, which is considered an important part of running a good business."

I treat my clients with respect and usually go above and beyond what is considered the normal for my line of work. I have been told at times, the way I approach my work will have to change. I looked at them with bewilderment and I say why would I not do all I can do to make things easier on my clients. This came about when I got into my Rodeo coverage and even my Traditional High School sports coverage which carried over in to my college coverage. I edit all my photos, I choose that and have done that from the start of my photography career. I want my clients to be able to review my work and know what they see is what they are getting. I refused to change my Morals for my business practices because someone told me it was the wrong way. 

I get busy just like everyone else. At times there is a delay in my edit process which delays posting of photos from an event from time to time. But when you see those photos I have posted you can rest assured that what I present is the finished product and ready for purchase. I know and have known not all photos I take will be purchased. In fact I know that over 95% of my finished product may never be bought. I have been complimented by many who have purchased my finished products and received the professionally wrapped package of prints. This is part of customer service to me. the job isn't finished until the final product is delivered and accepted by the client and only then when they are happy with their purchase. 

I am going to post here a message I have posted to facebook about my dining experience tonight which fell way short of what I expect from a company. This has nothing at all to do with Photography but rather customer service. 

Hello All.

It has been awhile since I have put my mind on paper, well this is your lucky day. We all have been out to eat and I am sure most of us have encountered the dreaded Wait line at some of the better places to eat. Well I know I have and I normally take things in stride. Most of the time I experience this at like Roadhouse, which is a place I want to eat and I think is very good place to eat so usually a wait is not really a big deal for me since Roadhouse is what I want. This isn’t about Roadhouse. Nor any of my other restaurants that I really really want to eat at. Tonight I had a Gift card that we had found cleaning out my studio office from like 6  or 7 years ago. It still had 15.00 on the card according to the company website. No the card is not the issue, but in light of the time frame of not using this gift card tells you how many times I have been to this place. I am a hooters man but since they pulled out of Wichita we have found ourselves looking for wings in other places. Well this gift card was for one of the wing places, BWW, BDUBS, Buffalo wild wings or what ever you want call it. Anyway I have had BWW at several locations and never had the best of luck with either the food or service or just seemed like something always went wrong there. My son one night said dad let me take you to a good BWW, I said sure okay I will try one more time. So on that visit yes we had to be put on a wait list which was fine I was not in a hurry. We were sat at a table with a waitress that was training someone. So she had too many tables and having the extra person in tow all night the experience was not best with service as we had to wait for drinks refills and this and that. I was okay with that she was busy and had way to much on her plate but I was not blaming her for that, that was a management issue. The food that night once we received it was good and I enjoyed the meal. Thus brings me to tonight.

Tonight I was a solo diner, I would of sat at the bar but it was full. I was given the option to sit on the patio, which I just didn’t want to sit outside and eat today so I declined. She said I can put you on the wait list and call you when we have something. Bingo Great lets do that I stated I was not really in a big hurry but would take first available other than the Patio seating. At the time I was added to the list there were two parties in front of me a table of 4 and a table of 2 then lonely solo me. Note time was at this point 6:10pm. I made my way out to the foyer to sit and watch the game they had on the tv and check my phone and social media stuff. I watched a bunch of people come in and stand inside waiting for a table and then noticed that the inside had cleared out and then more came in and they cleared out. I was a bit confused and the time now was 6:55 pm. I decided that I needed to get up and confront the hostess about the delay on my seating. As I approached the hostess stand I noticed she was on the second page of her clip board. She saw me and had that look of oh shit on her face. I said so where am I an on this list and she proceeded to show me and yep I was there 4 from the top of the first page of people waiting for a table. I noticed that about 10 parties that came in after me had been scratched off the list and I questioned her about how they were able to get a table yet I wasn’t.

Yes this is the point I was very mad and frustrated. I looked at the dinning room and saw 4 to 5 empty tables. I said so are one of those for me? And she looked at me and said well no but you are more than welcome to check the bar and see if there is an empty seat. Oh yes I got even more upset. Anyway I sat my little hockey puck non responsive beeper on her little podium and said no your food is not worth this kind of trouble and made sure she knew I was not happy about the wait. Then I walked out. Oh Yeah I am sure she was worried about one solo customer being upset about not getting seated, ( hahaha yeah right) anyway I have sent a message to either the store I was at or corporate about my experience only to have my comment cut short by the 1500 character limitation. I will actually be surprised if I even get a response to my message to them or if anything will ever come of it.

This eve started out me heading to Five Guys to eat a burger which would have been in and out in less than 45 mins total from time I ordered to finished eating. I changed my mind because of the gift card that I still have and will still have to brave another trip to bww to use it. Guess the long and short of my story is don’t change you mind once in motion. Or something like that. So after my wait at BWW, I did go to Five Guys and had a good hamburger with some very respectful employees at their establishment. Thanks for your time I just had to release this so I could clear my mind.


On a closing note, I would love to make you my client and would love to provide to you quality customer service through out the full process of the services you need help with. Lets get you set up for a wonderful session experience and get your family session going or your senior session. I would love to hear from you no matter what and work with you to get what you are wanting. Looking forward to hearing from you about your photography needs.




(Jeff Frazell Photography) Client approval Customer Satisfaction customer service Expectations Wed, 31 Jul 2019 03:01:14 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Keg Bending Slideshow Hello All here is the last event of the Sunday Rocking S Saddle Battle, Keg Bending. This concludes the edits of the Sunday Events from Rocking S Saddle Battle. All files are now edited and posted. Below is the link to the keg bending event individual files. I will also include a link to the full gallery of files for ease of access. 

                                  Rocking S Saddle Battle Keg Bending Event

                                  Rocking S Saddle Battle Complete Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Fun Keg Bending Rocking S Arena Rodeo Saddle Battle Walker KS Fri, 26 Jul 2019 15:52:36 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Speed Barrels 2019 Welcome back. This is the second to last slideshow, this one is of the Speed barrel event. I hope you have enjoyed the slideshows and also the galleries from the fun weekend at Rocking S Arena. 

                                Rocking S Saddle Battle Speed Barrels Event

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Rocking S Arena Rodeo Speed Barrels Walker KS Fri, 26 Jul 2019 01:42:33 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Flag Race Event 2019 Yes there are more photos. This is the Slideshow of the Flag Race at the Rocking S Saddle Battle 2019. I have photographed many events but I am not sure if I have photographed one with so many smiles and happiness shown from those those who were competing. It was a grand day to shoot this event and everyone had so much fun! Black slides are age group seperators. Click on provided link to view individual files in the gallery. 

                                     Flag Race Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Barrel Racing Flag Race Rocking S Arena Rodeo smiles Walker KS Thu, 25 Jul 2019 20:20:29 GMT
Beat the Heat Barrel Racing Slideshow 7_23_2019 Event Welcome to the Show! You may view the Slideshow below, this is of the Beat the Heat Barrel Race of 7/23/2019. The Link will take you to the Gallery of individual files if you wish to view your photos independently there is also where you would purchase your prints or products of these files. Thank you for checking out my Blog Post to view the slideshow and see the files. 

                             View Individual File Photo Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Barrel Racing Beat the Heat Horses Newton Saddle Club Rodeo Thu, 25 Jul 2019 01:51:36 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Half 8 Event Slideshow Welcome, This blog post is for another of the event galleries from the Rocking S Saddle Battle from this past Sundays events. This is of the Half 8 event, to view the individual file in this gallery follow the link provided and start choosing your favorites. Again this Gallery has black slides those are still used as age group seperators. 

                                     Half 8 Event Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Action All Ages Half 8 Rocking S Arena Rodeo Walker KS Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:30:20 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Polo Turn Slideshow Hello Glad you could make it. This Blog Post is for the Polo Turn Slideshow. You may click on the provided link to go to the individual photos used in this slide show if you would care to view them independently, it would also be the purchase link for those photos. Please note the Black Markers throughout the gallery are age division separators, Photos are in order ran. 

                                                      Rocking S Polo Turn Gallery

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Fun Show Polo Turn Event Rocking S Arena Saddle Battle Tue, 23 Jul 2019 05:31:46 GMT
ASR KOBRA Bull Riding Slide Show July 20 Show Welcome to Jeff Frazell Photography. This Blog post is for the ASR KOBRA Bull Riding event from July 20 2019. This slideshow is of the first go Bull Riding from this event. The Bull Riding gallery link will take you to both the First Go and Second Go individual Galleries where you may review and purchase the individual Files. Also included in this link would be the Bounty Bull Ride. 

                                                Bull Riding Gallery Link

(Jeff Frazell Photography) ASR Productions Bull Riding KOBRA Mulvane Saddle Club Rodeo Saturday Night Action Mon, 22 Jul 2019 23:45:42 GMT
ASR Productions KOBRA Muttin Bustin Slideshow July 20 Show This Blog Post is from the July 20 ASR KOBRA Bull riding and Muttin Bustin Event. This is the First Go Muttin Bustin Gallery click on link to see both Galleries. 

                      Muttin Busting Gallery Link

(Jeff Frazell Photography) ASR Productions KOBRA Mulvane Saddle Club Muttin Bustin Rodeo Mon, 22 Jul 2019 19:55:02 GMT
Rocking S Saddle Battle Pre-show, Cowboy Chruch and Grand Entry  


Rocking S Saddle Battle. Slide Show. This Slideshow is of the pre-show, cowboy church and Grand Entry Photos. 

Click the Link to See This Gallery as individual Photos

                Gallery of Photos Link  

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Mon, 22 Jul 2019 04:50:10 GMT
KOBRA Event 2 Winners Well Folks 

  Tonight was the Second Event in the KOBRA 5 Event Series. If you weren't there you missed out on another great night. Come out and join us on night 3 of the series which will be Aug 3 two short weeks away. Posted will be the winners from tonights photos. 


Bull Riding

IMG_4371IMG_4371 IMG_4498IMG_4498 Muttin Bustin

IMG_4152IMG_4152 IMG_4200IMG_4200 Congrats to Both Winner from Night 2. 

(Jeff Frazell Photography) ASR Productions Bull Riding KOBRA Muttin Bustin Rodeo Saturday Night Action Sun, 21 Jul 2019 04:55:27 GMT
Canton Co-Ed Ranch Rodeo 7_17_19 Slide Show Hello All

    Glad you could make it to my blog, this post is a slideshow of the Canton Co-ed Rodeo from 2019. I started Shooting any and all Rodeos with This event several years ago. I am glad to still attend and capture this event each year. The photos in the Gallery are of the first Three of the Four Events this year. Lighting issues caused me to stop shooting prior to the last Event which was branding. Hope you enjoy the slideshow. 

                                                     Canton Co-ed Rodeo Gallery Link

IMG_3298IMG_3298Trevin Prieb

(Jeff Frazell Photography) Canton KS Co-ed Ranch Rodeo McPherson Co Fair Canton Slideshow Tom Miller Arena Thu, 18 Jul 2019 21:40:11 GMT
Barrel Racing Insite Hello Blog Followers,

   I wanted to take the chance to tell a bit of a story. I as a boy grew up in the city, I played traditional Sports Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball and just about any other sport other than Rodeo. I Bowled for many years developing my skills and hitting a pinnacle when I bowled my First perfect Game That's right the big 300 baby. Well I digress a bit here and come back to the real story. Barrel Racing. 

You may Use the link below to view my Barrel Racing Portfolio

                          Barrel Racing Portfolio

IMG_2758IMG_2758Libby Berger    I have been asked Jeff Why do you shoot Barrel Racing? I have a couple not so serious answers for that and the real answer for that. Lets start with the not so serious. I know or learned that women with horses like photos of themselves with their Horses, That combo equals sales and views. Second not so serious answer is "maybe I will find my new wife at one of these events!". Well that hasn't happened at least to date. Now for the real reason I started to shoot Barrel Racing/Rodeo. As a traditional sports photographer learning how to get good photos of action and movement, what better place to practice that craft other than a Rodeo speed event. We all know there is no place on earth darker than a rodeo arena with black dirt. Something to keep in mind is a camera hates darkness, all cameras work on light and well when I was shooting Basketball in a dim lit gym I was struggling to stop the action. Well with that in mind I started thinking, what happens during the summer where I could practice my low light photography? That's right a rodeo arena, well what happens at most rodeo arenas for rodeos is usually once a year. But barrel racing is everywhere and can always be found to shoot or practice in my case. So my main reason to photograph barrel racing started from just needing to learn low light photography challenges. 

Link to Barrel Racing Portfolio below

           Barrel Racing Portfolio

IMG_1005IMG_1005 What is the Hardest thing about barrel racing photography? Other than the before mentioned low light situation would have to be stopping the action, keeping the blur of the photo to a minimum a lot of photos you may see from photographers will have horse foot blur, or say a lot of background movement blur. So practice practice practice is what it take to conquer the tasks involved in barrel racing photography. That makes me not any different than the barrel racers themselves. Why?. You may ask, well what do barrel racers do, they practice practice practice. The above photo is a run towards the end of the night at a local jackpot. I feel I did a pretty decent job of accomplishing what we are looking for as a photographer. The subject is clear and defined, the motions factors are minimal, you dont notice the darkness so much as what the arena was actually like. Key points a photographer is looking forward to when learning how to get quality shots with decent results. Now you heard what I am looking for, but wait until you hear and see the next photo and what was said about that photo.

Link to Barrel Racing Portfolio

       Barrel Racing Portfolio  

IMG_2012_08_04_6912IMG_2012_08_04_6912 Alright that brings my story to this photo above. I will first say from a photographer's stand point this photo is trash and not really a photo to be shared. Well in my early days I didn't have a lot of shame in posting any and all photos, even ones I didn't feel hit the mark I was looking for. Now back to this photo, I shot this and posted this photo like I do with most of my work. It wasn't more than a day later I get this message from this gal saying oh I love this photo. I am very confused because what I saw was blur blur and more blur, most photographers unless they were trying to produce this type of image would trash it. This sparked my interest in to why does she like it. The photographer sees, nothing in focus other than the horse head and the contestant head, if I cropped into this photo and full photo of those two items in the photo would be marginal at best for a keeper. So this prompted me to respond back to this gal and ask "Why do you like this photo?", I received a return message with a comment similar to this "this is the best photo I have had of me in over 20 years". Okay now I am really confused. So I responded once again saying no I really need to understand why you like this photo. She Responded with three reasons. first reason "This photo makes me look like I am going super ass fast", which she actually was going super ass fast at least to me. Second, I have been in rodeo for over 20 years, I have many photos on my walls of me racing and as I walk down the halls of my home in all those photos the crowd watches me walk down the hall and in this photo there are no faces with eyes to watch me walk down the hall. Third and final reason, Its just a cool shot! it was this shot that enlightened me the most in my photography career. As a human being, I am not unlike most other people and trying to decide what everyone else likes or wants to see. Blinders I call them now, using a preconceived idea from my brain saying no one will like this or that. Truth be told we have no clue what someone else will or wont like until they see it. As a photographer in the start of my career I posted my shots hoping to get feedback either through likes or comments just so I could slowly refine what it was people are looking for in an event or a photo. I have learned a lot. I will close this blog with another photo and hope that you keep enjoying my work as I enjoy making others happy to see their photos. Thanks again for reading my blog. Feel free to join my rss so you can see future blog posts I am working on. 



Link to Barrel Racing Portfolio Thanks for checking it out

                           Barrel Racing Portfolio



(Jeff Frazell Photography) barrel racing Low light Rodeo Speed photography Wed, 17 Jul 2019 22:02:02 GMT
KOBRA Bull Riding | Mulvane Rodeo Arena | Jeff Frazell Photography
Well, Hello There!

I recently had awesome experience photographing the inaugural "KOBRA" mutton busting and bull riding Event, held at Mulvane Saddle Club  325 S Boxelder Ave, Mulvane, KS 67110. It was a huge event with roughly 25 Bull Riders and about 30 Mutton Busters in the event.

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All of those who attended the event showed up with lots of spirit and enthusiasm. There were two Rounds of both the mutton busting and the bull riding which included a long go and a short go for the finals of each division. The venue looked amazing, as well.





This was a great event and looking forward to the next which is July 20 at 6:30 Pm at the same venue. Here are the winners of the First Event and looking to see who is the next Champion. 


IMG_8031IMG_8031 IMG_8236IMG_8236


I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that excitement with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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         KOBRA June 8 Photo Gallery IMG_8153IMG_8153



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