What schools do you need senior reps for ?

Burrton, Halstead, Sedgwick, Hesston, Pratt, Nickerson, Buhler, Remington, Moundridge, Berean Academy, Newton, Hutchinson


Do I need to be a junior or can I be a senior to apply?

Currently for the 2016 graduating class I will only consider juniors 


When do you start accepting applications for next year?

I will Start my rep search around March and usually take application through the end of May for the following year. 


What are you looking for in a senior rep?

I am looking for a stylish outgoing motivated high school student that is active within their respected school and community.


Are you accepting guys and gals to be your senior rep?

I am currently looking for both


Is there a specific type of personality or hobby/interest that you are looking for your senior rep to have?

I do not have a set of personal expectations for my reps to have. I am wanting to provide my services for any whom want to have great senior photos and are willing to promote my Senior portrait business. 


What are my job duties and responsibilities as a senior rep?

hand out provided rep cards to your friends and share your photos and experiences gained with Jeff Frazell Photography. I require a min of three referrals to satisfy your contract obligations, these referrals need to schedule and pay for their sessions to be considered a completed referral. I will provided incentives for referrals over this specific requirement of 3.


Am I required to attend any events/workshops/community events?

There is only one special event I would ask that you make yourself available for, this would be the senior rep group session that will take place towards the end of the month of August 2015.


Does it cost to be a senior rep?

There is no cost to you provided that you achieve your three referrals. However if you do not complete your contract obligations you would be required to pay a fee based on the number of referrals provided. The penalty fee would be maximum of $300 dollars. I will for each completed referral reduce the amount by $100 dollars for each completed referral. one other additional charge would be for purchase of prints beyond what is included in the program.


How do I apply to be a senior rep? 

All you need to do is send me an email to [email protected], please put "senior rep" in the subject line. Once I have received your notification I will forward you a questionnaire that I would like for you to fill out and send back to me with three or four photos of yourself. I will go through all applicants and choose the senior reps shortly after May 31 2015.


When will I find out if I have been selected as a senior rep?

I will choose my reps shortly after the close of the application period. currently the application need to be submitted to me before May 31 2015 I should have determined whom the senior reps will be prior to June 15 2015.


What will I received in exchange for representing your studio?

you will receive the 2 portrait sessions, one group session, 50 watermarked senior rep cards, one 8 x 10 print, 5-10 watermarked images for Facebook, a blog post about your interests and hobbies on my website along with a group blog post about the group session. you can also obtain gift cards for your favorite clothing store with exceeding your contracted referrals to Jeff Frazell Photography 


If I am selected, when will my sessions take place?

We will schedule your first session to be completed prior to you beginning your senior year. We can set up a time to do your second session anytime after the school year has started. We will do the Group session sometime near the end of August.  


Will this be an individual or a group session with other senior reps?

The group session will include both types of shots I would like to do small group shots individual and also full group shots during the Group session. For your personal sessions they will all be individual shots with you and your props of choice, it would not include shots of you and your friends or boyfriend. 


Do I have any say over where that session is located or what I wear?

The location for the group session will be determined by Jeff Frazell Photography. The attire will be up to you for this session but I will give suggestions for it as I would like to have everyone in approximately the same attire. For your individual session the locations and clothing will be mainly up to you. if you should need suggestions I can also provide those too you. 


Do my referrals get a discount and/or do I receive anything extra if I go beyond quota?


If I do not meet my mandatory referral quota, will I still be able to receive my products?


What products will I receive as a senior rep?


When will I receive my products?


What do I need to bring?


What should I do to prepare for the session?


Who all should come to the shoot? Can I bring a friend/family member?


Will These images be posted online or any social networks?


Should I go tanning before my session?


How many photos do you typically take during a session?


How many photos will I receive?


Do you offer professional retouching?


How long does it take to get the photos back?


Do you provide Styling tips?


What should I wear?


Do you provide the props that are in the photos or do I need to bring my own?


Do you have a hair/makeup artist that I need to sue or do I need to provide that myself?


Is there an additional cost to use your hair/makeup artist?


What senior products do you offer?


If I want a full session after the Senior rep session will I get a discount?


Can I order more prints/products Later?


How do you accept payment and when is it due?