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Hello KHSRA / KJHSRA Members Welcome to my blog.

   I am going to try and explain in a bit more detail my Season download special. I will try to show the value in this offer comparing cost between several other purchase option. I in no way want to force anyone into purchasing anything they do not actually want. The Association’s have hired me to shoot photos of the athletes, these are not so much for the association as they are for you. There are certain photos that the association needs like team photos, event athletes, awards photos, special team photo etc... They use many of these photos for the calendar and for the website to promote our associations. The rest of the photos are for the families and the athletes.

   I am currently offering and have offered to everyone for the past three years a download special. This special is for each season and on a per family purchase. Currently the download special is $300.00 but will go up to $400.00 following the Phillipsburg Rodeo this next weekend. With this offer you may download every file of your athlete in digital format. These digital files are what many are turning to for keepsake and sharing through multiple media outlets or even through email. I know that not all photos are always wanted by everyone but with this offer there would be no reason to not download every shot of your athlete. My shooting style is more of a movie style where if you were to add all the files from a run would be very similar to that of the old corner flip books, we all have seen in years past.

   $300.00 dollars is a lot of money, and how do I know it is a value to even be considered. Let me try and break it down just a bit. I have had sales from several purchasing digital files or prints from me, sometimes it is a single digital file and other times it is multiple prints of various sizes. I have had several from the association who have purchased the download special each year. They have taken those files and built books to be printed for keepsakes and sharable books to have documenting their child’s rodeo career’s. I am sure if you spoke to them, they could give you some feedback as to the value they have received from the special. I will bullet point a few of the comparisons for some of the more common purchase’s and the equivalent cost between the special and actual product.

  • Single digital file $25.00 … 12 X $25 = 300.00
  • 4X6 PRINT 4.95 …….             60 x $4.95 = 300.00
  • 8x10 print $12.95….             23 x $12.95 = 300.00

   Noting with the 4x6 and 8x10 prints I have seen these sizes being offered at Walgreens Walmart and several other web-based sites selling you those sizes for pennies on the dollar. I understand I am a business and should keep those profits for me. But I want to allow you the chance to have a record of memories of your athletes. The release for this special is for personal use which consists to virtually any purpose you may need other than from generating profit from the files. These files can be used to products, coffee table books, prints, posters, school projects or to share on yours or your athletes social media pages. If you were to use them for profit use we would need to re evaluate the files use and it may require the commercial use release file. Most of the uses would be covered again in the personal use release file.

   You might ask. How many files will I get over a season? I do not believe that I have produced a download file for any of the ones who have purchased this from me which contained less than 250 individual files comparing value would be 250 x 25.00 = $6250.00 had they been purchased as individual files, or 4x6 prints 250 x 4.95 = $1237.50. Here is an average list of photos taken per event and run

  • Barrel racing 8-12 files per run
  • Goat tying 6-10 files per run
  • Pole Bending 8-10 files per run
  • Breakaway 4-12 files per run
  • Sponsor flags 1-2 of each flag
  • Bull riding 12-20 files per run
  • Bareback 12-20 files per run
  • Saddle bronc 12-20 files per run
  • Tie down 4-12 files per run
  • Team Roping 4-12 Files per run
  • Ribbon roping 4-10 files per run
  • Steer wrestling 4-10 files per run
  • Along with the many extra shots taken through the events and team shots and awards ect.

Again, I am not forcing nor will I force anyone to purchase a print, file or any products from me. I just need to make sure you are informed so you may make those decisions on your own as to what you want out of my services.

  How I am doing the download special is once you have purchase the special I will send you a password, so you can go to the galleries of the events and you may directly download the files of your athlete you desire whether its is one or all of the files of your athlete’s from each event. This covers the full season fall and spring rodeos including finals.  You may save those files to your desired location on your computer. Once you have those files downloaded you can decide to keep them as a digital file for future use or have them printed as individuals or make coffee table books or have a canvas made of a file if desired.

   I have developed this special for my KHSRA and KJHSRA families, I do have several of my traditional sports families who also purchase the special also.

   I know this is short notice for the Jr high families and if this interests you just let me know and I will make arrangements to get you covered. Payments can be made to me through PayPal either by invoice I can send you or just by sending money to me at [email protected] which is my PayPal acct. You may also pay me by check, or I can process credit cards also. Please if you have any questions give me a shout, drop me a message or come over and chat with me a bit. I am at these events for you and your athletes. I totally enjoy everyone involved with this association and love to have a bit of banter between myself and your athletes, okay and even you parents. I work for you so if you have requests please let me know and if I can provide your request, I will do everything in my power to complete your requests.

   I will also allow you to purchase previous years for the download special if you had not heard about this before now. for past years the cost per season would be $300.00@ season. 


                  KHSRA / KJHSRA Galleries

this gallery currently contains 153,250 Digital Files Covering the past four years of rodeo



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